Getting Started with Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel


Join us in learning or refreshing your skills with Microsoft Excel. Over six sessions we will cover how to:

  • create, format and share spreadsheets,
  • enter data,
  • use pivot tables,
  • and understand basic formulas and functions.

In this learning circle we will use a learning path to learn Excel together. A learning circle is a free study group for people who want to learn something together and led by a facilitator.

To participate in this course you will need to have access to the following:

  1. Microsoft Excel installed on your desktop computer or laptop; or Microsoft Excel in Office 365. *Note: You can sign up for the free web version of Microsoft Office before the start of our class at 
  2. Access to with your Library Card (free) or another source. You can sign up for a library card online by filling out this form.

Sign up online - seats are limited

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Computer Help, Job seekers