Creating a Wonderful Family with Family Meetings

Family Meeting Handbook

Katherine Foldes is the author of Family Meeting Handbook: Here for Each Other, Hearing Each Other, a parenting book on why and how to hold family meetings. Hear how family meetings help parents find the middle ground in parenting and ways to stay on the same page with your parenting partner. 

Some of the questions this presentation will cover:

  • What family meetings offer over time
  • Why dinner conversation is not the same and not enough
  • How to create a safe space for conversations and closeness with your children
  • What types of conversations take place
  • How to give children a voice in family life without giving up your adult role
  • How to deal with societal issues, screen/phone time, bullying
  • How family meetings can be a lifesaver when bad things happen

Target audience:

Adults, Parents

Event type:

Lectures & author talks