The Big One: Historic Earthquakes and Volcanoes

volcano, earthquake, tsunami

Nearly every day, there are public service announcements on our local television stations regarding earthquake preparedness -- and a drive down any stretch of Highway 101 reveals signs every few miles showing tsunami evacuation routes. In other words, we’re reminded regularly that we Oregonians live in an active earthquake and volcano zone.

In this program, Dr. Bill Thierfelder looks at some of the major seismic and volcanic events of the last few thousand years -- not only in our region, but around the Pacific Rim -- and helps separate fear-filled hype from science-based facts. We’ll look at the causes for earthquakes and volcanoes, how tectonic movement changes our globe across time, and explore cutting edge technology that’s being used to predict when and where the next event might occur.

Made possible by The National Endowment for the Humanities Fund of The Library Foundation.

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Adults, 50+, Teens

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Lectures & author talks