All the Children of the World

Micah and Me 2

Micah and Me "builds a better world" by entertaining children ages 0-7, creating a safe place for parents of very young children to meet and gather and dance, and advocates the message that stay-at-home dads can not only effectively raise children but they can ROCK at it too.

Many of our songs are universally known and are traditionally sung with children and adults. These songs are a cultural symbol of childhood and parenthood and we share these songs in a fun upbeat way.They include "Hello to All the Children of the World," "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,"  and Jungle Book's "I Wanna Be Like You!"

Our original music is aimed at getting children and adults excited and involved together dancing. Several of our original songs are about Dump Trucks, Dancing and even a kid-friendly version of, The Champs, "Tequila," which we call, "Amoeba."

Target audience:

Families, Kids, Preschool

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