Biography and Genealogy Master Index

Use this database to find:

  • Publications that contain biographies on a person of interest
  • Biographies contained in a certain publication
  • Family members of a person of interest.
  • Biographies of people who are local notables such as business owners, civic leaders, and members of professional groups.
  • Citations of biographical information, such as "What is the birthday of Ernest Hemingway?," "Where can I find a portrait of Dwight Eisenhower?," or "Is Charles Schulz dead?"

BGMI is a citation-only database covering a wide range of biographical entries in numerous publications. Citations can be located by first and/or last names, birth and/or death years, and/or professional title. The resource helps you narrow by name when only a first or last name is used. This is an excellent resource to locate biographies in other reference books or in periodicals.

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