Saving and paying for college

Saving and paying for college can be daunting; no one wants to end up with mountains of debt. But college expenses are rising and students need more resources to pay for their education. Explore these sites to become better informed about both saving and borrowing money for your or your child’s education.

Managing Financial Aid:
Portland Community College has created this online learning website about financial aid and paying for college. Learn about whether or not you should borrow money to pay for college, and what you will need to know if you do.

Oregon College Savings Plan:
The Oregon College Savings Plan website has comprehensive information about different ways to save for college for your children (or grandchildren.) Also included are tools like a college expenses calculator and a comparison tool for different kinds of savings plans.

529 Analyzer:
Brought to you by FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), this tool analyzes the different kinds of 529 college savings plans available, to help consumers understand the various fees and expenses involved. - Saving and Investing For Students:
No matter how much or little money you have, the important thing is to educate yourself about your opportunities. This site features a brochure that covers the basics on saving and investing.

StudentAid (en español):
Visit this site from the U.S. Department of Education to help with questions about preparing for college, qualifying for student aid, what kind of aid you can get, and how to manage your loans.

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) (en español):
This is the Federal government’s Free Application for Student Aid site. Get help paying for college with federal student loans. (Remember though, it’s the application that’s free, not the loan.)

Oregon Career Information System:
This library resource from the University of Oregon provides an overview of the world of work, examining occupations, industries, education and training. It is also a valuable source of information on scholarships. The emphasis is on Oregon.

Student’s Guide to Money:
Once you’ve started going to school, this website from Portland Community College will help you figure out the right decisions to make with your money.

There are scholarships and smart ways to save for all kinds of students, those at the top of their class and those who...aren’t. These books will help you explore other ways to save and pay for college.