Kids learn about money

Learning to handle money -- how to use and save it wisely -- is important at any stage of life. The games and information on these websites will help children of all ages increase their knowledge and understanding of those skills

Thrive by Five (en español):
Thrive by Five, from the Credit Union National Association, has side-by-side Spanish and English information designed to teach preschool-aged kids about money and savings. There are carefully crafted, age-appropriate activities for children and caregivers to do together.

Hip Pocket Change:
This site takes a fun and in-depth tour of the history and purpose behind coins. There are games, cartoons, and interesting fact sheets.

Financial Entertainment:
These fun and informative online games are made to help kids learn about things like saving for retirement (if you’re a vampire, that might last a long time), managing credit cards (even celebrities need to do that), and surviving financial emergencies (like that time a tornado sent my house and farm into another world.) Check them out!

The Mint:
With a piggy bank full of games and info,The Mint will help kids and tweens go from the basics (like earning, saving, spending, and giving money), to more complex ideas (like managing an income and designing a budget).

Check out this site for tons of fun and informative videos and games focusing on money and savings. Also included on the site is information on starting your own kid-run business.

Treasury Direct - Kids:
Head over to the Treasury to learn about things like debt, both public and private (who knew there was both?), treasury securities (Ooo... is this about treasure?), and bonds (kind of like, my word is my bond?) Go to this site and you’ll learn something new. - Money:
Sponsored by we, the people, this site has a good assortment of videos, games, and fact sheets teaching kids about money, savings, and investing.

This site is primarily for parents and educators, offering a multitude of educational resources to “prepare youth for life long successful financial decision-making.”

And not everything is online! The library has books about things like the secret life of cash, making kid-generated money, and why goldfish are better at saving than sea turtles. (That last bit isn’t true.)