Power Your Job Search with Google Tools

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Discover and keep track of job opportunities on Google Search.

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In this workshop, you will use the collaborative tools of G Suite and Google Search to enhance your job search experience. An overview of Google's job search tool, Google Sheets to track job search progress, and Google Docs to create a resume will be included.

This is a hands-on workshop and there will be a limited supply of laptops available for attendees, so please bring your own laptop to follow along.

Attendees must have a Google/Gmail account, along with your Google/Gmail login information and the smartphone you used to set up 2-Step Verification, if you have enabled this option for added security for your Google/Gmail account. Please ask library staff if you need help creating a Google/Gmail account.

Presented in partnership with Worksystems, Inc.Multnomah County Library and the Grow with Google program.