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Welcome to your book bag exchange program, where you receive current children’s books to rotate among your students, as well as literacy information for you and your families! 

Every Child A Reader program is a parent education initiative that provides the tools, skills and strategies parents and caregivers can use to help children get ready to read. Together ― you, the families and us ― we can make the difference in our children’s lives. 

Here are some tools to help you implement the program:

Program partner resources
Forms to keep track of the book rotation, flyers to invite parents to literacy events and handouts to share with families. 

Schedule a literacy training or a socialization
Forms to submit when scheduling a literacy presentation for parents or for implementers of the program by the Every Child A Reader coordinators.   

Request program materials
Form to request replacement books, bags or tags to complete your set. 

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Our mission is to foster a love of reading with nurturing parent-child interactions. Research shows that building early literacy skills has links to positive effects on early brain development, improved school readiness and later success in life. For that reason, we encourage all parents and caregivers to read, talk, sing, write and play every day with their babies, toddlers and preschoolers. 

  • Learning to read begins at birth and reading is an essential life skill.
  • Reading and sharing books together reinforce the social emotional bond between parent and child.
  • Early exposure to age-appropriate reading materials and daily literacy play interactions help lay the foundation for school readiness. 
  • Lifelong learning is a primary role of the public library; public libraries support parents and caregivers as they help children develop early literacy skills.

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Carla Davis - carlad@multcolib.org
Lucy Iraola - lucyi@multcolib.org