Text your question

Send your question to the library via text message.  

Text service is available when Central Library is open.

Here's how it works:

Text the word multcolib and your question to 66746 (sms) or 503-616-2223 (sms). We will answer your text as soon as we can.

Text messages are an especially convenient way to get quick facts like these:

  • what elevation is Roseburg Oregon?
  • how many Hitchhiker's Guide books were written? 

There is no charge to text a librarian, other than your normal text message rate. We do our best to answer each question with a single message, but sometimes it is necessary to ask a follow-up question or two in order to give you the best answer possible.

We're happy to answer questions about your library account. At times when this service is staffed by librarians from another library, they will refer account-related question to us, and we will respond at our earliest opportunity.

We respect your privacy

This service is provided in partnership with Answerland. We won't keep your phone number, but Mosio, the company that helps us provide this service, keeps it for a year as required by mobile service carriers. We may keep the text of your questions and our answers indefinitely (for the purposes of statistical reporting, research and training), but we will never tie it to any of your personal information. Neither we nor Mosio will ever send you unsolicited messages.