Book a librarian information

Please fill out and submit this form to make an in-person or telephone appointment with a librarian. A library staff member will contact you shortly to set an appointment time and ask a few questions about what you need.

Appointments last roughly 30 minutes. For research, these one-on-one appointments are meant to help get you started. Due to staffing limitations, we are unable to conduct lengthy research for you.

Frequently asked questions about Book a Librarian

Who is eligible to make an appointment?

This service is available to all individuals, organizations and businesses.

Who will be helping me?

We will look at your appointment request and determine the best person on our staff at the library of your choice to meet with you based on availability.

Can I make multiple appointments?

You can schedule a maximum of two 30-minute appointments per month.

How do I make an appointment?

Complete this request form with as much information as possible. We will be in touch with you to set up the time and date as soon as possible; we require at least seven days advance notice in most cases. You can also call our Information Line at 503.988.5234 for further assistance.

I need to cancel my appointment. What’s the best way to do this?

Please call the Information Line at 503.988.5234 as soon as you can to cancel an appointment.

Are there other ways to get help from a librarian?

Yes! You can stop by any Multnomah County library and speak with a librarian. You can also call us, email us, text us or chat. Visit our contact page for more details.

What kinds of research can you help with? 

  • Business plan research and small business resources
  • Consumer and health education
  • Research into investments
  • Finding a good read, for you or your book group
  • Genealogy and house history resources
  • Local historical research using newspaper archives
  • General library resources, including subscription databases
  • A research project for school

What can't you help with?

  • We do not provide medical, legal or business advice or opinion, but we can point you to resources and organizations that do.
  • We cannot type or proofread your document, resume, cover letter, etc. From 2 to 10 pm daily, however, you can log into through the library, with a valid library card, for proofreading assistance.
  • For assistance with career exploration and resume assistance, please visit one of our job labs or classes.
  • Currently we do not offer technical support or troubleshooting except when it relates to library resources, including the catalog, databases, and e-books / e-readers.
  • If you want to learn more about computers in general, or set up an email account, we do offer free computer labs and classes.