New Year's resolutions for kids and teens

Image of notebook with New Year's resolutions
The new year is an excellent time to work on forming good habits and setting healthy goals, and this is something the whole family can do together. As pediatrician Dr. Lanre Omojukun Falsi says in her article  “Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Children & Teens," it can be fun to sit down with your family and pick one or two resolutions - or goals - for the New Year. 

For preschoolers that might look like putting their toys away or trying new foods.

Elementary school kids might try making time to read or drinking water every day.

And teens could try getting 8-10 hours of sleep or helping out in the community.

We’ve also attached a booklist to help with making choices in the new year to ensure your whole family is happy, healthy and safe.

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