Moving Beyond "Learning Loss" into a Summer of Reading!

Back in December, at the height of the winter surge, a friend shared an article in USA Today about how students are handling virtual/online school in the time of COVID-19. It was loaded with negativity, pessimism and hopelessness. Students are “lagging academically” or “even further behind - with time running out to meet key academic benchmarks.” Throughout, the article quoted a diverse mixture of kids and parents from around the country, all saying the same thing: there’s been learning loss, kids are failing and falling behind.      

We’d like to tell a different story, one that doesn’t dwell on loss, but focuses on how we move forward. We want to celebrate how far we’ve come, and the progress we’ve made this year, despite, well, everything. We’ve seen agility and perseverance from students adapting to unfamiliar, challenging circumstances. We’ve seen the best kind of support systems: parents, caregivers, teachers, and community members going above and beyond. We’ve observed students learning in so many ways that have nothing to do with academic benchmarks, but are just as important. We’re here to support you as this dynamic learning continues into the summer and beyond.   

Speaking of which, soon, we'll begin our annual Summer Reading program, encouraging kids to read whatever interests them, all summer long!  Thanks to the support of The Library Foundation, as well as our amazing staff and volunteers, we’re able to safely continue offering gameboards, prizes, programs, and fun for the whole family. So after this strange school year, we’d like to offer some positive reasons why you and your family should join us for our Summer Reading Program this year:

a Latino boy, 5 or 6 years old, sits on a bed and reads a book.  He is smiling.

  • Explore your interests and learn about the world around you!  Read!
  • Keep your brain engaged and growing!  Read!
  • Your mind thrives the more you...Read!


Summer Reading starts June 16. Stay tuned for more information by checking our Summer Reading page and/or following us on social media (see bottom of the page).   Check out our Summer Reading 2021 booklists for recommendations from library staff!

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We’ve been looking forward to it all year and are so happy it’s back!
We are excited to read whatever we love this summer.
Thank you for your comment! We're excited to share the summer reading with you. :)

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