Spanish Beginning Readers Collection reorganized

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Books for beginners are scattered on a table in the foreground. Yellow, blue, red and green bags hang in the background under a shelf. More books are stored on that shelf.

The library has reorganized its entire collection of Spanish leveled readers for students learning to read. There are now four distinct reading levels: Comenzando (Beginning), Desarrollando habilidades (Developing Skills), Leyendo más (Reading More) y Por mi cuenta (On My Own).

The goal of this reorganization was to help families find books that better matched their children’s reading levels. This goal is meant to improve the library experience for children and their parents, and to help children become successful readers.

The levels purposefully do not have corresponding numbers, to discourage correlation between reading level and grade level. 
Each level is categorized in its own color. Click on the links to see books for each level:

Look for the corresponding color label on the spine of each book. 

Bienvenidos a la Lectura and CTIAM (STEAM) bags

Four youth holding book bags in the library. Their shirts and the bags have a logo that says "Bienvenidos a la Lectura". Each bag is a different color: purple, green, yellow, red and blue.

Similarly, we have organized Bienvenidos a la Lectura (Welcome to Reading) bags by reading levels and themes. Each bag contains 5 books and an information sheet for children and their families to enjoy reading.

The bags can be borrowed like any other library material.

Yellow bags - Comenzando
Blue bags - Desarrollando habilidades
Red bags - Leyendo más
Green bags - Por mi cuenta

We also invite you to explore the CTIAM (STEAM) bags that include books related to science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics as indicated by the acronym CTIAM (ciencia, tecnología, ingeniería, arte y matemáticas).

Made possible by gifts to The Library Foundation.

Introducing videos about the Spanish Beginning Readers Collection

Presentando videos acerca de los libros para lectores principiantes

Watch this and the other videos in Spanish in the playlist to learn more about how you can use the Spanish Beginning Readers Collection with your family.