Oregon Native American/Indian tribes


This video explores the integral role horses played in Nez Perce history and how they relate to the tribe’s culture today.

When researching Native Americans of Oregon, the Oregon Blue Book provides a good introduction to Oregon tribes, and has information on current tribal leaders and the economy of the tribe, plus an overview of the tribe’s history and culture.

Native Languages of Americas provides information about the original inhabitants of Oregon and includes a map of where they were located.

The Northwest Portland Area Health Board provides history and geographical information for the nine tribes that make up its membership in Oregon, as well as many tribes in Washington and Idaho. 

The Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians provides information about their history, natural resources, economic development and tribal government.

Access Genealogy contains an overview of the history Oregon tribes, and links to many tribes' individual websites.

You can also search the library’s catalog, or do an online search for a tribe’s name. Many tribes have their own websites, which contain current information about tribal affairs, and might also include historical material.

Many resources about Indigenous people include biased information, so please also read How to Evaluate Native American and American Indian Websites, which provides help evaluating books too. 

If you still need more help, contact a librarian to be sure you get what you need.


I went to the Cow Creek Band website and while it has good info about them, I couldn't find any links there to other tribal websites.
The native-languages.org site linked to above has a lot more than just who spoke what and where, it has reading lists, bibliographies and all kinds of other links and information for Canada and the States.
The website for The Northwest Portland Area Health Board seems to be out of date. Google returned this active site: http://www.npaihb.org/ Tribes information can be found here with a helpful map: http://www.npaihb.org/member-tribes/#1450475820392-65215ee8-17e6
Portland is a place of many nations some displaced others are decent why are other regions not incorporated in the native search ? learning all tribes and regions is essential not just the surroundng tribes