It's Storytime! Patron Survey, July 28-August 25

The library is offering It's Storytime videos in 5 languages, and we would love to hear from you! Please take the short, multiple-choice survey below before August 25th to help us learn what your family is enjoying about the videos, and what storytime alternatives we can make available during this public health event. We value your privacy, and information will not be shared with outside agencies or used for any purpose other than determining program needs.

image of a generic online survey checklist
The survey is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish / Español
  • Vietnamese / Tiếng Việt
  • Russian / Русский
  • Chinese / 简体中文

Please share your thoughts and ideas with us through August 25th. Thank you!  



Looking for some tips and books to keep my 2 kids engaged
This is such a gift, THANK YOU!
Developing positive and healthy relationships strengthens children's social and emotional competencies, empathy, and prosocial behavior. Carolyn Garcia and Jen May's passion to support literacy in young learners and exposing them to art, world cultures and music is essential work for our community. They have reached rock star status in our neighborhood for good reason - they have helped thousands of children develop a love for books and reading, paving a road to success as future students. Through their warm personalities, songs and storytelling skills, they have exposed young learners to so much richness. We cannot imagine our library without Carolyn and Jen.
I looove Nikki’s story times! She connects so well with the kids. She alwasy has something important to teach - but she weaves her message (about sharing, friendship, how to stay safe, etc.), into an engaging, creative, thoughtful, and fun story time. She really knows how to make people feel special and cared for. I love how she gets “carried away” with dancing, too. She’s a real gift to our community and I hope we’ll see more of her!
Thank you for hosting Nikki! She is an inspiration! Please have her back again in September so I can invite my PPS 2 nd grade students from Beach Elementary!
Wonderful story time. Eliminating seven Children’s Librarians positions is short-sighted.

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