2019 teen summer reading art contest winners!

Congratulations to Kaiyee, the middle school division winner! Kaiyee is a patron of Holgate Library.

Illustration by Kaiyee, the middle school division winner

And to Trina, the high school division winner, who frequents North Portland Library.

Illustration by Trina, the high school division winner

Each winner receives $100 from collage: curated art and craft supplies and have their art featured on thousands of gameboards this summer. Here are the 22 finalists in the contest, each showing their interpretation of this year’s theme, Space: A Universe of Stories.

Winners were selected by library staff who work with youth and the Summer Reading program. They considered creative interpretation of the theme, popular appeal, and how well the art would print. Trina’s work was felt to show the human connection reading creates; Kaiyee’s, the universe available in books. The results of the voting were very close this year. We were blown away by the quality and creativity shown by the entrants. 

Summer Reading is made possible by gifts to The Library Foundation.


Honestly, from a fine arts perspective, I would say the finalist's artwork are way better than the ones chosen. Like Maia or My's. Honestly, who do you even have reviewing the artwork? It'll be better if you had the public vote or high school and middle school art teaches in the district to vote.
The artworks are amazing! Wish you showed the other finalist's artwork to be more public! There's some really good finalist that I think can be showed with the winner's too! Too bad some of the finalist weren't chosen :C
While Maia and My both had very high quality artwork, especially My, I find these to be more inviting and overall a better fit for the program. My certainly has a very nice piece, but as a cover that is supposed to be inviting and happy, it seems a bit lonely and cold.
Lol just choose My's art piece instead. We all know that piece should have won :)
Y'all should have both MY's and trina's artwork printed. I would pick up My's artwork on the game board more !!!
Wow! The library staff members really need to read more cuz Trina's art is okay but the message is so unoriginal. You have to look at My's and see it in a deeper sense that reading books is about exploring the world. It is to better yourself. Books is a journey about oneself. And the art makes up the message because I'd be more inviting to have it on the game board!
I see many comments preferring the other artists and it’s okay to have an opinion but it’s wrong to insult the winner. They have worked equally as hard and to have comments like this, it really disregards them. Please be kind to all because this is just a contest! There will be many other opportunities for others in the future. If you don’t like the result, don’t get the design of the game board and move on please.
Trina’s artwork is beautiful. I am very glad this was their final pick. I’m disappointed to see these comments of those complaining, I think we should appreciate the talent that was chosen! They all worked hard, I’m sure there is a natural disappointment in you or friend not getting their art featured, but there should be more praise and positivity than belittling and negativity. (:

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