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Divorce, estate planning, landlord/tenant issues, immigration, arrests and citations... Life is full of legal questions. How do you search for answers without being taken for a ride? We can suggest some excellent resources that can help you out.
A good place to start is Oregon Legal Research, maintained by law librarians. Learn how to research the law and represent yourself in court; find the answers to frequently asked questions (When can I leave my kids home alone? Where can I get a free power of attorney form?); and more. They also maintain a comprehensive Oregon Legal Assistance Resources guide (pdf) that can help you find local organizations that specialize in legal areas including disability rights, bankruptcy, political activism, bicycle law and crime victims' rights.
Link to Legal Aid Services of Oregon
Oregon Law Help provides free and verified legal information for Oregonians. There are articles in many languages to get you up-to-speed on your rights and resources when it comes to your home, your job, government benefits and more. The site also helps you find a Legal Aid office near you.
The Multnomah Law Library in downtown Portland provides legal reference assistance and more six days a week. You can access various legal forms and complete NOLO legal reference books on common legal topics online, 24/7, through their website. The State of Oregon Law Library's online resources include free access to Fastcase, a legal research tool that lets you search sources of law from Oregon, the U.S. Government and many other western states. 
The Oregon State Bar public information page has user-friendly legal information, assistance in finding and hiring a lawyer, links to low cost legal help and more.

The Oregon Judicial Department can help you file a case, find a legal form and represent yourself in court. Check out their page devoted to family law for assistance with child custody and support, divorce, domestic violence, and parenting plans. The Multnomah County Circuit Court website can help answer your questions about Family Court.

If you have questions about your rights as an immigrant or refugee, we have a list of helpful resources in Know Your Rights: Information for Immigrants and Refugees.
If you have questions about your rights as a renter, you might want to contact the Community Alliance of Tenants. This statewide, grassroots, tenants-rights organization provides renters' rights information online; if you can't find the information you need, call the Renters’ Rights Hotline at 503-288-0130.

Link to Oregon Council of County Law Libraries.
You can always
contact us at the library and we can help you locate resources that might be helpful, or visit your local county law library for a wider range of materials.
Though we are always happy to help you locate resources and give you search tips, it is against state law for library staff members to engage in any conduct that might constitute the unauthorized practice of law; we may not interpret statutes, cases or regulations, perform legal research, recommend or assist in the preparation of forms, or advise patrons regarding their legal rights.


Is it legal to still be on probation and be a LPS conservatee
Thanks for your question! We suggest you contact a Probation Office for the answer; if they are not able to answer your question, contact a lawyer. Here is a list of free and low cost lawyer services:
I lived at bud clark commons the counslor ther named ryan helped me to appeal the eviction it was not done right im disabled and in a wheelchair cannot walk had no legal representation have not heard anything on the appeal everytime i try to call it dont answer i need help
I'm so sorry you are struggling to appeal your eviction. We suggest that you contact Legal Aid Services of Oregon, an organization that offers free civil legal services to low income people. Their Portland office is located at 921 SW Washington Street, Suite 500; you can call them at (503) 224-4086 or 1-800-228-6958. You might also want to contact Disability Rights Oregon, an organization that works to uphold the legal rights of people with disabilities. They can be reached by phone at 503-243-2081 or 1-800-452-1694; their website is Since library staff are not lawyers, it is against state law for us to engage in any conduct that might constitute the unauthorized practice of law; we may not interpret statutes, cases or regulations, perform legal research, recommend or assist in the preparation of forms, or advise patrons regarding their legal rights. However, we are happy to refer you to resources, so always feel free to contact us: -Joanna M.
Multnomah County is the landlord required to provide trash/garbage removal?
I was a temporary occupant from 7/11/2017 - 1/11/2018 then I became a resident. I was given a no cause 30 day notice of termination but I have been here over a year, so I am supposed to get 60 days right?
Thanks for your questions! For legal issues related to housing, we recommend you call Community Alliance of Tenant's Renters' Rights Hotline (503.288.0130) or contact Legal Aid Services of Oregon (503.224.4086) If we can provide further assistance contact us by phone, email, chat or text at Best, Joanna M.
I have a question ?? I have a judgement against me to foreclose on my home. I owe nothing on my home. The debt being claimed by HOA is $8000 then an additional amount for their attorney fees of $45000. Is their a motion or waiver I can file to not pay the attorney fees?? Who would pay that amount to recover $8000?? I am low income and do receive food stamps.
I'm so sorry about the hardships you are going through. Legal Aid Services of Oregon, a non-profit organization that provides access to free legal help, has a Foreclosure Hotline. I recommend calling them to request help with your legal issues; they can be reached at 503-227-0198 or toll-free at 855-412-8828. You can also visit Legal Aid Services' Portland office at 520 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 700; Portland, OR 97204.

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