Vacation, have to get away

When I say vacation or beach read, you probably have some books immediately come to mind. Not all readers think of the same type of book though. My husband sees it as an opportunity to read the long books he doesn’t have time for usually. His vacation books lean toward meaty nonfiction and fiction that makes you think. I want escape. I also want to read books written for adults since as a youth librarian I’m usually reading books for kids and teens. While I want to read Evicted (my husband's last beach read), I eye my stack of mysteries, fantasy, and stories about women (both light and more introspective).

Gimme some Terry Pratchett, Alan Bradley, Carl Hiaasen, Ann Patchett. I want to catch up on mystery series, be an armchair traveler, laugh about life’s absurdities, and read a bestselling author I’ve missed. Some teen books sneak on to my vacation reading pile. A Sarah Dessen novel is the definition of beach read and I needed the devoted time of my last vacation to devour Thunderhead, second in an enthralling series by Neal Shusterman.

So many books, so little vacation time. What do you plan to read this summer?

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