Finding social services in the Portland Metro area

Signs that say Hope and Despair.
When you are seeking help, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. This is a selective list of social service organizations and places that offer housing, shelter, mental health counseling, escape from abusive situations and other basic needs for people who are homeless, jobless or going through personal transitions. If you have any questions or need assistance finding services, contact us and we'll be happy to help!

When in doubt, start here: 211info

211info is a comprehensive support hub for referrals to food, shelter, housing, foreclosure assistance, health care, and much more. Calls are confidential, anonymous and free. Certified Information and Referral Specialists assess the situation and refer callers using a locally managed database of over 4,200 programs in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Telephone interpreters are available for help in more than 150 languages. Dial 211 from any phone; text your zip code to 898211; send an email to; or search resources online.

Other resources:

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare

Cascadia provides mental health counseling for people with psychiatric and substance use challenges. They provide crisis intervention, addictions treatment, and housing services for people who are very low-income.

Multnomah County Mental Health & Addictions Services

Provides mental health services to adults, children and families. They serve Oregon Health Plan members enrolled in Health Share of Oregon/Multnomah Mental Health as well as people who have no insurance or resources. Their Mental Health Call Center is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week; call 503-988-4888, 800-716-9769 (toll free) or 503-988-5866 (TTY).

Northwest Pilot Project

Provides housing and other supportive services for seniors ages 55 and older who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Help finding housing, transportation help, advocacy and referrals to other resources and services. NW Pilot Project recommends calling 503-227-5605 before coming in.

Outside In

Outside In is a community resource for homeless youth.  They provide health services, counseling and shelter, as well as programs and education.

Call to Safety

Offers 24 hour telephone crisis counseling for victims of domestic and sexual violence; call 503-235-5333 or 888-235-5333. The organization also offers support groups and direct service counseling for victims of domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse.

Rose City Resource

Street Roots publishes this very comprehensive directory of services for people experiencing homelessness and poverty in Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties.  It is updated twice a year.

Transition Projects

This organization can help with a variety of services including shelter, showers, food box vouchers, clothing, laundry services, Trimet tickets, information and referral, and housing search assistance.


Thank you for providing information regarding social services for my 1i-year-old grandson. He is autistic & needs assistance with housing & possibly a job.
I am considering moving to portland,and would appreciate any info on the availability and cost of Elderly housing there. Thank you Ken
Ken, we'd like to connect with you directly to assist you with your research. Can you contact us ( when you can so we can offer specific resources and information to help with your questions?
I'm my moms caregiver but am needing some help. She owns her own home and has some money, but not sure what the limits are. We are willing to pay, I just don't know where to start. Can you please HELP me. Thank you Misty
Misty, we're going to contact you directly at the email you provided to work with you on your question. Watch for our email!
My son has been living in Portland for almost two years and has become depressed and unable to work as a result of severe digestive problems. He is applying for state insurance and I am anxious to have him evaluated as to whether he has become disabled. Please advise me where else to go if you can’t help. Thank you
We're going to follow up with you directly via email about your question for where to get help for your son.
Hi, I am planning to move to Portland with my 4 kids but I am looking for an affordable house first. My fiance is the only one working and we have low income
Thanks for your comment. We're going to follow up with you directly at the email you provided when you commented with information about starting your search for affordable family housing.
My 43 yr old son suggested we move to Portland from Anchorage, AK. I have health conditions which are aggravated by the cold.
I hope you find a good place to land that helps with your health. If you have specific questions about relocating to Portland, we'd love to help you find resources and information. You can click on our Contact link at and submit a question to us directly through our email link, or talk to a person on the phone or by chatting online. We'll need some contact information so we can get back to you and in case we have clarifying questions.
Hi I am 65, disabled and very low income. I have been homeless for about 3 years. By the grace of God and the love and support from family and friends I have not had to live out of my car or on the streets but I am still homeless. I want to be on my own and take care of myself and not depend on others. I've been applying for housing since 2018. It is overwhelming. I am wondering if I can get a case worker/social worker to help me? Thank you very much, Cheri Donnelly
We have a couple of ideas for you. We're going to follow up with you directly at the email you provided when you commented. Of course it's overwhelming. We're here to help.
I know of a family of 5 that is losing there home. Property is being sold. The family consist of mother, daughter and 3 young boys. They have been living in a 1 bedroom house the last 4 years. The mother of the boys has a brain tumor which has been operated on but really didn’t help. Her mother has cancer and is trying to it all. They have to be out of the house by June. They are both on disability so money is tight. Can you help them? Or give them some ideas on where to start this family has been thru so much
We've followed up with you about the family you know at the email you provided when you left your commented. We've shared some community organizations that this family can connect with that will hopefully be able to help them with their transition.
I am a 32 year old female that has been homeless for about 5 years now. I deal with mental health issues and can't advocate for myself. I need a social worker to help me navigate the services.
How could I talk to a social worker re y move?. I am 75, widowed, and disabled. And lived in Pendleton past 5" years. I need to move back for doctors. And am disabled with a small dog. Also all alone and would need a large apart or house. Income is guaranteed at 3,
We've followed up with both of you about your questions via email. Feel free to contact us again in the future using our email form, chat, or the phone:
Hello! I am writing to ask for some assistance to help my son. He is 28 and is on the Aspberger spectrum and has challenges navigating agencies. He has been unemployed since April and has struggles with the unemployment system. He's gotten "kicked out" of the system 4 times for reasons that made no sense. Consequently, he is struggling financially. In order to improve his work situation, he is enrolled in a computer school, however, he will need help over the next several months with: lower cost housing unemployment or financial assistance while training food assistance (I believe this benefit is expiring) Thank you for your kind help!
Thanks for your comment. We have some suggestions for you and your son, and we're going to follow up with you directly at the email you provided when you commented. Feel free to contact us again in the future using our email form, chat, or the phone:
My daughters mental health and issues of follow through constantly get in her way of advocating for herself. She is in a cycle of repeating the same mistakes. She is 36 years old now and her entire adult life has had no success in achievement or stability. I feel like she needs much more handholding and a long term residential treatment program that includes therapy, accountability, structure and success. I know her life has value. I know she has intelligence, wit, talents that could positively contribute to society. It sickens me to know that this circle of downward spiral will end up with her so severely impacted that she will end up either dead or just a drain on others. I do not know what the answers are, just that it is terribly sad and I remain hopeful.
My daughter's boyfriend's parents are constantly kicking him out. He is only 16. She keeps asking me if he can stay here but I don't feel comfortable with that. What can I do to help him?
I would like to begin figuring out what our next steps are. She is currently capable of living on her own but every day things seem to be slipping a little further. We do not have the money to put her into a care facility on our own, and it’s also not quite time yet. Are there eldercare social workers I could contact? I need to know what our next steps should be.
Thank you for your comments and questions. We follow up directly with each commenter when an email is provided.
I am on ssdi. I am 59 and have had to have the help of friends the last two years living with their the covid pandemic. But I need to find my own place. I will need rent assistance. Please help.

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