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Celebrate National Bike Month!

Ride your bike to the library during May and get a free bike light!

Multnomah County Library is partnering with the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation and Metro to give free bike lights to patrons who ride their bikes to any Multnomah County library during the month of May. (One bike light per person, while supplies last.)

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Thanks for the bike light offer.
Suppose none of my bikes are currently in ride-able condition and I often walk to one of my nearest branches. I might want a bike light later on. Can I get one if I walk, or must I bring a bike? (Low-income senior, no kids involved here.)
Replies . . . To the first comment, you are more than welcome. We are thrilled to be able to do this. For the second, I asked the person in charge of this program, Shannon. She reports you can walk to the library to get your bike light. Just let staff know that your bike isn't working right now. If you have any problems, tell them Shannon Long said it's OK.
If I already have bike lights, is it ethical for me to get one at the library and then give it to another rider I happen to see pedaling in the dark without a light? Sometimes those folks are under resourced and might not know about this program.
This is nice to give out, I just got a bike, and learning what is needed to ride safely is needed.
Just made a note to ride my bike to the library when I return my book :) THANKS
Replies . . . To the patron with bike lights, Thank you for being so considerate! If you ride your bike to the library, it’s up to you to decide what you’d like to do with your free bike light. To the new rider, Happy bicycling! Did you see the list above with books to help you get pedaling? To the bicyclist with books to return, You’re welcome!
Can staff(and patron) who ride their bike to library get bike light?
Yes, Multnomah County Library staff (and volunteers) who ride their bikes to a library can get a bike light.
Someone stole the front bike light off the bike I was borrowing from a friend. Happened at the Goodwill Bins a few months ago. Err..
Sorry about your friend's bike light! Tell your friend to ride to the library for a new light.

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