How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?

Horace Hopper  thinks that no good can come from being a half Paiute Indian.  He learned early from his grandma that all Indians are worthless drunks or drug addicts.- especially Paiutes.  She loved him but couldn't see past his background.  At twenty years old, Horace can't see past it either.  Even his foster parents, Mr. And Mrs. Reece, who raised him and love him like their own son can't get through to him.

Because  H

orace's heart was broken long before and the only way he can see to fix it is to become someone else.  So he  reinvents himself as  a Mexican boxer and changes his name to Hector Hildago  He tries to learn Spanish, eat spicy Mexican food and wears fancy embroidered boxing trunks.  But inside, his Paiute heart  is like a shattered glass and he can't let go of the pain.

 If you like the spare style of Cormac McMarthy and the quiet dignity of Craig Lesley, try Don't Skip Out on Me by Willy Vlautin.


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