Libby: An easier way to borrow e-books and downloadable audiobooks

Libby is a new way to read and listen to books from Overdrive, and it's available now. 

Getting started

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  1. Go to the app store on your Android or iOS device and search for "Libby, by Overdrive Labs". Or, visit the Libby site and be directed from there;
  2. Once you've installed the app, sign in with your library card;
  3. Search, borrow, read and listen, all from within the app.
  4. Here's a handy how-to guide for Libby.

You can click on "Library" or "Shelf" to move back and forth between the collection and your check outs. Click on a title in the Libby catalog, and you'll be able to read a sample so you can decide if you want to borrow the book.

Logging in

Libby lets you to connect to OverDrive with one easy login. You can also add a library card from another library or from a family member so you can have your loans and holds all in one place.

Prefer reading on a Kindle?

You can set Libby up to default to Kindle for e-books and you can download with few clicks.


To download books to your device, tap on the cloud icon after you've checked out, and your e-book or downloadable audiobook will be downloaded. When the download is finished, you will see a check. You don't have to figure out which format you should get—the app knows.

New features

Libby has some great features: you can download titles for offline reading or stream them to save space. Libby will bookmark your place, even if you pick up another device to resume reading. You can choose settings for reading at night, and customize your font -- there's even a font to help readers with dyslexia.  If you're happy with the OverDrive App, don't worry. You can continue to use it, or you can install both apps on your device and see which works better.





I have a Dell Lap Top, not shown in your directions. How do I get Libby (at least to try it out), Please and thank you.
Hello! If you have Windows 10 on your laptop, you can download Libby from the Windows app store. It is not available for earlier versions of Windows.
Can I alter the speed of the audio reading?
Yes, you can! When you're playing the audiobook, there is a dial you can tap in the top middle of the screen to adjust the speed. This help page explains how:
I have downloaded audio books through Libby but I do not know where to locate them on my new windows 10 laptop.
Hello! They should be available within the Libby app on your device. If you go to your shelf (an option located in the bottom right corner of the screen) you should see everything you have checked out and on hold there. If you are still unable to access the books you checked out, please contact us and we can help further:
is there a way i can see all the book that i have dowloaded
Yes! You can see everything you have checked out by tapping where it says "Shelf" in the bottom right corner. Every book on your shelf will either say "Downloaded" or have the option to "Download" if it has not been downloaded yet.
like the librarybooks
I am missing Libby. I have not been able to login since my iPhones last update. I’ve checked for Libby updates. Also have turned phone on and off a few times. Is anyone else having this issue?
Can I sync my wish list from overdrive and my tags from libby or do I have to keep 2 lists?
Unfortunately, Libby does not have list functionality, so there is currently no way to sync across the apps.
I have Libby on my iphone, but would like to get an e-reader. Do you have a recommendation for something that is not a kindle? I don't want to be a part of Amazon. And, even though I have an iphone, I'm not great with technology! (yes, I'm a boomer!) Thank you
Hello! According to the Wirecutter web site ( the best non-Kindle e-reader option is the Kobo Clara HD. As a bonus, you can borrow library e-books directly on the Kobo device. More information about that feature here:
does libby work with no internet
Hello! You do need to connect to the internet (or use data on your mobile device) to borrow books from Libby, but if you download them for offline reading, then you can read without any internet connection.
Can I see items I've previously downloaded? I don't see any downloadable audiobooks in my library account. We didn't finish a book before it was due and can't remember the name of it. Thank you!
i like libby
Hello, I currently have my Libby app loaded onto a Samsung Tablet and it is working fabulously. My question is, can I install it on an additional app and still have the full functionality I am currently experiencing? Also, how much space does the Libby app take up on a cell phone? Lastly, does the downloaded book take up additional space? Thank you, Elaine
How many items can be check out at one time on Libby?

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