Moshow The Cat Rapper's favorite songs

Moshow the Cat Rapper is passionate about many things: cats, cat ladies, music and creativity. He dropped by the library to share some of his favorite songs with us.

4 favorite songs from Moshow the Cat Rapper

  1. "Handy Man" on JT by James Taylor. 
  2. "By Your Side" on Lovers Rock by Sade.
  3. "Blue Light" on Silent Alarm and streaming by Bloc Party.
  4. Tha Carter III by Lil Wayne
Oh, and Sushi's favorite book? The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle.



I just put a hold on Moshow's Cricket for my kitty Mr. Chu. He likes when I read out loud. As soon as I start he makes that mini-meow sound and heads for my lap! Thank you for the recommendation.
Ok. So Cat Rapper, I put holds on all the music you recommended too. I was asking for some new music in my life, and the Universe has answered,! So I'm looking forward to hearing Lil Wayne and Bloc Party. I've always like Sade and Taylor. Thanks again!

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