New books for kids and teens: Spring 2016

Spring 2016 teen books
Spring 2016 kids books
Ah, spring break! In my memories of childhood, it was always filled with chocolate Easter eggs and lots of time to read the stack of good books I’d just checked out from my local library. In honor of those memories, I’ve gathered up a crop of new books for kids and teens that I want to read over the upcoming spring weeks that are bound to be cool and rainy.  I might just have to buy a bag of chocolate to go with them!

Check out the kids’ stack here and the teen stack here.


My kids and I read and listen to books/audiobooks with my playster subscription, unlike other subscription services, I have access to all the books and audiobooks they have in their library, I just love it because you know kids, they like to listen to different stories and when I start reading a book that I don't really like, I can just jump to the next one on my list without having to use a credit system...

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