Dead roses: Portland crime fiction

Artist's drawing of D.B. Cooper.
It was a hot day in Central Library. The air conditioner was busted, the doors were propped wide open, and, thanks to the latest forest fire out on the eastside, the air was about as smoky as the Virginia Cafe circa 1975. I thought about lighting up myself since it couldn’t make things much worse in here, but then I remembered that I quit smoking 20 years ago. Something bad was going to happen, I could feel it.

Mercifully, this is not the actual condition in the library at the moment! Everything is just fine. But if this scene appeals to you for some reason, maybe you should be reading more Portland crime fiction.

Did I leave something important off this list? Let me know!


Virginia Cafe is awesome. The folks are awesome.
Thanks for the great list! You asked for suggestions, and I have one: Greg Rucka's A Fistful of Rain. It's a little bit obvious to put "rain" in the title of a book set in Portland, but if you can forgive that, it's a nice solid mystery.
Thanks for the suggestion! I've added "Fistful of Rain" to the list.
I just noticed/found this site re: PDX Crime - now saved with my Favorites, I will use and comment. Thank you.
If you're including crime fiction movies, "Zero Effect" is a Sherlock Holmes inspired detective mystery filmed in Portland, with a lot of key scenes around the city.

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