Black History Month, Slavery to Civil Rights: Annie Burton

Annie Burton

Annie Burton Photo: Duhaime


Annie Burton was born in Clayton, Alabama, in 1858. Her mother was a slave who ran away after being whipped. This is one of many childhood memories. As an adult, Annie moves to Boston where she marries and becomes a maid. She never forgets what life was like during slavery. In 1909, she authors Memories of Childhood’s Slavery Days. This book has been converted from physical to digital format and is available for free on the web.


Available at Multnomah County Library: Six Women’s Slave Narratives by Andrews, William L



As a mother of mixedrace children, I enjoy hearing about a variety of information about african americans. I believe my children and grandchildren need to know the average person made a difference. i am a follower of MLK but want my children to know more than just one person.

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