Sneak Peek from Selectors - December Titles - 2014

The Greatest Knight: the Remarkable Life of William Marshall, the Power Behind Five English Thrones

by Thomas Asbridge

Read about one of the legends of knighthood who served many kings including Richard the Lionheart. A BBC program willed be aired in the future based on the book.

Collecting Shakespeare: the Story of Henry and Emily Folger

by Stephen H. Grant

The story of the American couple who devoted their lives to acquiring the world's largest collection of the original folios of William Shakespeare. It is a tale of literary obsession and the legacy they left to form the Folger Shakespeare Library which is a thriving museum today.

Empire of Cotton: A Global History

by Sven Beckert

An expansive history of how the cotton industry changed the world and its lasting influence on all facets of our lives today. For fans of Mark Kurlansky and Jared Diamond.

The Afternoon Men

by Anthony Powell

Originally published in 1931, this author has recently become of interest again to readers of today. The story is a satire of young men in London revolving through the social arena with comic scenes and bitter wit.


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