Pow! Boom! Blammo!

Tigerman, by Nick Harkaway, is due to be published on July 29th. It’s funny, sweet, surprising and SUPER.

The fictional island of Mancreau is scheduled for UTTER DESTRUCTION. A chemical company has been stuffing its waste products into the empty spaces in the rocks. When magma bubbles into this waste brand new forms of life are created, not intelligent, but perhaps malevolent. The United Nations designates the island as the first official ‘International Sacrifice Zone’ to prevent contamination.

Representing authority in this EXPLOSIVE situation is Lester Ferris, a comically reserved British bobby-type. The only chink in his armor is his paternal love for a brilliant, comic book-loving boy who only gives his name as ‘Robin.’

Before long, the boy is looking to Lester to be a hero, and hence TIGERMAN IS BORN!

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