The stack by the bed

stack of books next to bedWe're all book lovers here, right? I mean, why would you be here if you weren't? My theory is that we come in two basic types. Type one (not me) checks out a few books at a time, reads them all, or at least gives them all a try, before returning and checking out more. Type two (me), takes books home all the time, because you have to get 'em when you see 'em. I want to read them all, but there's no way that'll happen. The rule is that I do have to at least open them. There are stacks in most rooms of my tiny house, except the bathroom--never in the bathroom.

This is a pic of my most important stack, the stack of honor, the one by the bed. That way these books are always close at hand for those times when I need an Amazonian jungle tale, for example. Or something to coach me through a dishwasher repair.

If a few of my friends aren't too shy--(they're not)--I'll get them to take a picture of their stack by the bed and we'll have little stack peep show. Stay tuned.


My stack is less than that now that I am into reading ebooks, but I still have a lot of the books on my bookshelf!
I love the book stack! I also employ your method of check them out as you find them, worry about time to read them later. My bedside stack is shorter than yours, but seems to have the same function. When I take the plunge to start a book (2 pages in), there is pretty strictly no turning back.
love the stacks but feel frustrated that I am not a faster reader so I am your Type 1. Used to work in a bookstore so I also have many books on my shelf that I haven't read but I love the library so constantly checking out books!!

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