Prepare for a pro/con debate or research essays with Intelligence Squared Debates

Sometimes it's hard to decide what you think about an issue. 

Other times the truth seems so obvious  you can't imagine anyone disagreeing with you.

And sometimes you need to back up your strong opinions with more information that helps prove your case.

For all those times, check out IQ2: Intelligence Squared Debates.  

The site has archived debates on many topics -- vegetarianism, Obamacare, online education to name a few -- and regularly broadcasts new ones.

You can watch videos of past debates, read the research that each debater used to support their arguments, and see graphs that show listeners' opinions before and after the debate. 


I had never heard of this site before, I love learning about new resources. MCL also subscribes to Opposing Viewpoints in Context, which is located under the Research tab/Research tools.
Yes, Opposing Viewpoints is absolutely another great resource! But it does require you to sign in with a library card if you're accessing it outside one of our buildings, so we thought IQ Squared would be a good alternative/supplement.

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