The Sherpa are a people

 Buried in the Sky book coverA few months ago I thought Buried in the Sky  was an A+ read. This week it came back to hit me in the face after the avalanche on Everest that killed a dozen or more Sherpa guides. Please read this book.  You will not regret it. And if you are in the 99% of Portlanders who've read the John Krakauer book about a similar Everest tragedy, you might find yourself wondering which of the two books you like more.  It's that good. It's that important. 





Thanks for your kind words about my book. The reference librarians at the Multnomah County Library are actually thanked in the acknowledgements because they helped me with so much of the research. Glad you enjoyed the read.
Hi Peter, I'm so glad you saw my little review. We have a precocious teen girl here at my branch whose last name is Sherpa, and from your book I learned the meaning of her first name, and SO much more. I mentioned your book to her, and she said in an offhanded, teen sort-of-way, "o yeah, my dad's climbed Everest like 5 times.' End of conversation. Blew me away. Thanks for the book. Please write more. I will happily read them.

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