Register your five year-old for kindergarten by June 1st!

Five years old by September? Sign up for school by June 1st!
If your child will be five years old by September 1st, he or she is ready to start school. Register at your school by June 1st to give your child a good start, connect to summer activities, and get access to free resources. School offices close for the summer, so don’t wait! When you register by June 1st, you have time to get to know your school and your teacher, and they have time to prepare the classroom for your child. To identify your school or get help with other childhood issues call 2-1-1 or email Interpretation is available.
How can the library help you and your child get ready for kindergarten?  Bring them to storytime!  By the time your child is 5 years old, you may have heard many messages - on TV, in magazines, from other parents - about the importance of learning letters and numbers.
But kindergarten teachers care much more about having children who are ready and excited to learn.  Kindergarten readiness includes things such as playing well with others, following simple instructions and talking about feelings and thoughts.  There are lots of fun ways to develop these skills, and the library is here to help you!
At storytime we read stories and sing songs.  We talk about the things we’ve read.  We work on following directions with shakers and scarves and simple group games. Storytimes are a great opportunity for your child to learn to socialize with other children in adults.  In storytime they also learn to ask questions and function well in a group; develop language and problem-solving skills; and perhaps most importantly, discover that books and learning are fun!
What else you can you do?  Read, talk, sing, write and play!  


Register for School by June 1st

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