2014 Tax Season

Latest news from the IRS is that the 2014 federal tax season won't officially begin until January 31th. According to the IRS press release, "[t]he IRS cautioned that it will not process any tax returns before Jan. 31, so there is no advantage to filing on paper before the opening date. Taxpayers will receive their tax refunds much faster by using e-file or Free File with the direct deposit option." The tax deadline (due date) for federal and Oregon filing is April 15th.

All Multnomah County Library locations can access downloadable state and federal tax forms and instruction booklets as they come available. Library staff are happy to help you locate and print tax forms and instruction booklets. Printing costs 10 cents per page; two-sided printing is available.

Thanks to the AARP, the library will offer filing assistance programs in some of its locations. And as with everything, we can help refer you to tax professionals. Read on for more information.


Every library location gets hard copies of the most common federal IRS (Internal Revenue Service) forms as they are made available to us. We can not promise when they will be available, or that we won’t run out. But we can always download and print out federal tax forms and instruction booklets that are available on the IRS Forms & Publications page. There is also a contact page for the local IRS office in Portland and Gresham, for further questions.


Public libraries are no longer a distribution center for state tax forms and booklets. If you need Oregon forms or booklets, you can come into the library to download and print them or do it yourself from the Oregon Department of Revenue page. They have a separate page for personal income tax forms & instructions. Oregon forms can also be obtained by calling the Oregon Department of Revenue at 503.378.4988 or 1.800.356.4222, or e-mailing forms.dor@state.or.us. You can contact the Oregon Department of Revenue at their Salem office for more information.


Again, you can stop by the library for assistance printing out tax forms for other states, or you can go to the Federation of Tax Administrators Links to State Tax Forms & Filing Options, which provides links to state tax forms for each state.


Once the tax season officially opens on January 31, both the IRS and Oregon Department of Revenue will have listings for online filing services.


We will be providing opportunities within our libraries for assistance with filing, keep your eye on the events listed to the right of the library's Taxes page. Or search the Events pages for "taxes." Specifically, we will offer preparation assistance through Tax Help brought to us by AARP.

And be sure to check out the post from guest blogger Janet Hawkins, of Multnomah County's Department of County Human Services, on ways to save big money with free tax filing services.

See AARP's Tax-Aide Locator for more tax preparer locations.


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