Livemocha alternatives for intermediate and advanced language learning

Recently Livemocha discontinued its service to libraries. The site lives on at but we no longer are able to offer free access to the higher-level lessons.

Are you looking for a new online resource for your intermediate or advanced language learning? 

You may want to look again at Mango, which you can access through our site with your library card. While many languages only have ‘Basic’ courses — introductions to common words and phrases — more and more include ‘Complete’ courses, with in-depth and comprehensive language and grammar exercises. Click on a languages to find out what is available. Yes, the popular languages of French and Spanish include the Complete option, but so do the not-so-widely studied languages of Farsi and Norwegian, so it is always worth checking your language of interest! There is also a Mango app that you can find in iTunes and Google Play. The app is convenient and fun, but does not offer the full range of Mango’s offerings.

Open Culture - Learn 46 languages

Many web sites include impressively advanced and helpful language learning resources. For a high-quality list of sites and podcasts by language, check out Open Culture’s Learn 46 Languages Online for Free.’ 

Looking for more, or for a language that is not listed there? Ask us, we can help!

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