World Music Audio for Teachers

IfGarland Encyclopedia of World Music you are a teacher, you may be aware that you can check out CDs of world music from the Library to use in your classroom. However, you might not know that you can create playlists of streaming music with Music Online from Alexander Street Press, one of Multnomah County Library's many online resources to use from home or school with your library card.

Music Online includes access to The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, a multivolume compendium of images, sound, and descriptions of musical traditions worldwide.

How to use the Garland Encyclopedia of World Music:
Link to Music Online from the Multnomah County Library website. Select "begin using this resource" and login with the barcode from your Multnomah County library card and pin number.

1. Select Garland Encyclopedia of World Music from the list of collections:

2. Select Audio Albums:

3. Select a geographic area audio CD:

4. Create a profile to save music tracks, images, and text.
5. Listen to tracks in the audio CD, and then save selections (or all of the tracks) to a playlist with the + sign adjacent the titles

6. Save playlists by assigning a title for your list. Example: African music selections

7. Return to your playlist any time by logging in to Music Online through the Multnomah County Library website with your library card. Another option: select "Embed/Link" to save the playlist in another website for your class.

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