Improve your writing skills

Whether you’re just beginning to work on expressing yourself in writing, Ernest Hemingway writingor have been working at it for a while, there is always room to improve your writing skills. From the basics of grammar and punctuation to the finer points of style and persuasive rhetoric, there’s a lot to learn. Practice helps, of course, and all writers continue learning as they go!

We have many books and other resources (including DVDs!) about developing those writing skills. A selection of resources for beginning and intermediate writers is available here as a booklist, but you might also browse the following subject headings:

There are also some great resources online, many of which are developed by college writing centers to help undergraduate students (and anyone else!) finesse their writing. Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a favorite, and UT Austin’s Undergraduate Writing Center and Colorado State’s Writing@CSU pages are also quite helpful. William Strunk and E.B. White’s classic guide to writing, The Elements of Style, is also freely available online.

Please feel free to stop by any library location or contact us if you have a question about writing, or would like some help finding just the right writing guide or other resources for you!


Hello , I was wondering whether I can get some tutoring help for my writing and speaking through your tutor volunteers if you have those kind of program in your library. Any kind of help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.
Thanks for your question! We do have a few services for one-on-one help with writing and speaking. LEARN (Let Every Adult Read Now) is a program that provides one-on-one tutors for adults who are reading at levels that cause barriers in daily living. Please call the library's adult literacy coordinator at 503.988.6318 for information about the LEARN program. We also have a few different programs for patrons who are learning to speak English - these can be found at! You can always call our Info Line at 503.988.5234 or send us an email question at - tell us more about the kind of help you need, and we'll do our best to match you up with the best resource for you.
I want to improve my writing skills, I will check some of the books there. Thanks,

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