Contacting your government officials

The financial news is awash with talk of fiscal cliffs, the sequester, and whispers of austerity.  What does it all mean?  How will it affect us, our friends and families, or society at large? Advocacy groups and politicians from all perspectives encourage contacting your representatives to share concerns about these, and other issues, but where can you reach them?

Online, you can find contact information for:

Looking for more information about Oregon Government?  Try The Oregon Blue Book.   

Want a printable PDF of contact information including local school districts?  The League of Women Voters of Portland has you covered.

Thinking bigger?  Take a look at the Federal Staff directory for an extensive list of who’s who in the Federal government.

Caroll’s has an excellent set of contact information for nationwide County, Municipal, State, and Federal governments. 

As always, Multnomah County Library staff is always happy to help you find the information you’re looking for.  If you have any questions about this topic or any others please let us know!

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