Mental Health Resources

Mental health

APA Help Center: from the American Psychological Association

An online resource of brochures and short articles on the psychological issues that affect our physical and emotional well-being.  Geared for the lay person, the APA offers topics that are timely and relevant to our daily lives.

Cascadia Mental Health and Addictions Treatment Services

Cascadia provides mental health counseling, crisis intervention, addictions treatment, and transitional, residential, and permanent housing for people with psychiatric and substance use challenges, most of whom are very low income. Their website includes contact information as well as links to national resources for people seeking assistance.

MedlinePlus Mental Health and Behavior     

NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

Nami was organized to reduce the stigma of mental illness. You can find definitions and explanations of a variety of mental disorders as well as support groups, programs and research on this site. Also available in Spanish.

National Institute of Mental Health

Provides information about mental illness and mental conditions as well as the latest research on treatment. Find specific studies being conducted across the U.S. that are currently recruiting participants.

Noah (New York Online Access to Health) Mental Health

This award winning site provides high quality consumer mental health information in both English and Spanish,  suitable for the layperson.  If you want to learn more about a mental health condition or disease, start here.

National Institute of Mental Health - Publications - Easy to Read

Articles about mental illness written in easy to understand language,  for both native and non-native speakers of English.