What a Funny Dream

I first saw the 1941 ball of fluff Tom, Dick and Harry on AMC back in the Bob Dorian days. Recently it finally became available on DVD from the Warner Archive.

Ginger Rogers stars as flighty Janie, who becomes engaged to three men in the course of three days.  Each night Janie has a strange, frenetic dream of her future with the man she pledged herself to that day. She slowly rubs the face of an elderly woman, saying “My husband works for your husband.” She poses for the paparazzi, saying “I’m so dazzling that everyone has to wear sunglasses.”  She has a passel of babies who are miniature versions of her various fiances, and before it’s over she dreams of marrying all three at once.

On the surface, Janie is an empty headed young lady who sees getting a rich man as the height of all that is possible for her. But, sometimes subtly and sometimes not-so, the movie is skewering the whole idea of that desire.

The waking hours are great -- the little sister name Butch, Phil Silvers as an ice cream salesman, and a very young Burgess Meredith as fiance #2 all shine almost as brightly as Ginger. But the dreams are the summit of achievement in the history of highly comedic dream sequences.