Up With Chuck

I love an action show; give me explosions and I'm a happy camper. So when someone recommended Chuck to me, I was willing to give this action/comedy/science fiction show a try.

Chuck, the title character, is introduced as an underachieving slacker with some personal issues that he's not working out, thanks in part to his sister's well-meaning enabling. Chuck's old college roommate arranges to have a "sufficiently advanced technology" computer downloaded into Chuck's head. Chuck's brain is loaded with all the intelligence that the National Intelligence Agencies have, and their physical database is blown up.

If Chuck sees or hears something that's in the database, he has a flash of intelligence on the topic. Suddenly Chuck's an 'asset', with 'handlers' -- and the too-tall bumbling nerd (with all the athletic skills you'd expect in a computer repairman who spends his free time playing video games) is stuck in a string of spying expeditions, scared out of his wits.

Then Season Two rolled around...and I really fell for the show. Chuck grows as a person, his sister and friend change, his handlers become three dimensional. Plus, Chuck is a decent human being who really wants to do the right thing and cares about his family and friends. The writers made me care, and I want this character to get a happy ending!

Lastly, I'll deny being a sucker for a romance with my final breath, but there may be a pretty decent love story somewhere in there. I might possibly want her to have a happy ending, too.