Pure Fluff and Fun

Let's face it. I'm really just chaffing at the bit to read Ghost Story in July. Then I read a review for a debut novel, Hounded by Kevin Hearne, that compared the book and the main character to The Dresden Files and Harry Dresden, my favorite series and character. Sold! That was really all I needed to hear to give Hounded a try.
Oh man, I just love these books. I snatched up the second, Hexed as soon as I finished the first. I couldn't wait. Let's be honest though. These aren't great classics of literature... It's only the weight of the cover that keeps them from floating off - they're pure fluff and fun. These are the 'summer action movies' of books. There's adventure, occasionally crude humor, a good sidekick or two and just enough plot to hang it on. I even scared my poor timid old cat off my lap at least once with each book when I burst out laughing.

Atticus O'Sullivan (at least that's the name he's going by), the last of the Druids, is living peacefully in Arizona. He lets people assume he means 21 years when they ask his age, when he's actually 21 centuries old. He just wants to be left alone and has picked Arizona as an out-of-the-way place to avoid the magical beings that might want a piece of him. His quiet is shattered by the arrival of an angry Celtic god who wants Atticus's magical sword, forcing Atticus to call upon some unlikely allies for help. The first two books introduce the universe and all the magical beings and characters therein.

At least I only have to wait until early July before I can read book three. The publisher is putting out the first three books in three months to build up a readership for the series; a fairly common practice within the genre. I will say that the reviewer who compared them to the Dresden files was a bit off. The tone is lighter, the humor is different, the action less serious and the hero is less heroic and good-hearted. Still, I'm not at all sorry that review got me to pick up the first book. Hounded and Hexed were just such good zippy fun and it was great to get a new urban fantasy that wasn't just a thinly veiled romance. If, like me you really can't wait for Ghost Story, or just like urban fantasy, give this series a try. I haven't had this much fun reading a novel in a good long while.