I Never Meta Book I Didn't Like

I love books. So much so that, when I’m not actually reading a book, I enjoy browsing through books about books. Reading blogs about books (nudge, nudge) is fun, too, but sometimes it’s nice to have something physical to pick up and browse through here and there.

To that end, Nancy Pearl’s Book Lust titles should be required browsing for any book lover. They each contain hundreds of idiosyncratically titled little chapters with recommended reads: “Guilt-Inducing Books,” “The Alpha, Beta, Gammas of Greece,” “Marriage Blues,” “Les Crimes Noir,” and lots, lots more, even some that might be the kind of books you normally read. The tone is light, the enthusiasm is infectious, and you’ll want note paper handy to jot down all the books you need to read next.

Another favorite book of mine for book browsing is The Ultimate Teen Book Guide by Daniel Hahn and Leonie Flynn. I would re-title this “The Ultimate Teen-and-Up Book Guide,” as there is plenty of good stuff in it for adults as well as teens. It has over 700 book reviews in alphabetical order from all sorts of reviewers (librarians, authors, teenagers), and the beauty is that each review has lists of other titles you might like which are also reviewed in the book. So you look up one author or title, which takes you to another one (or two or three), and then to another one … again, note - paper is a must.

Books not your thing? There’s also Music Lust and Movie Lust. But me, I think I’ll stick with books.