Now a Major...Book

I rarely watch movies or TV but I thoroughly enjoyed Either You're In or You're in the Way, a book about the making of the independent film, Touching Homeb (to be released March, 2010).

Twin brothers, Logan and Noah Miller, are determined to honor their father by making a movie about his battle with homelessness and alcohol. They have written the screenplay, but know nothing about acting or making movies so they go to the bookstore, "to make a battle plan, devise a strategy for the road ahead. We wanted books by people who had acturally made movies, not academic works on movie-making, but practical experience from frontline soldiers. We walked over to the entertainment section and plunged in."

The book is written in a unique voice - a combination of the two brothers thinking as one. I love their dogged determination, persistence and can-do attitude.  They need to film spring training in Tuscon this year, not next year: "We had to be an adaptive force. Flexiblilty and quick thinking would be essential: make immediate decisions and act upon them - and work with the consequences, painful though they may be."

Next, the boys need an old car for the scene where they're on their way home from Tucson, canned from baseball. Their friend Shady comes to the rescue. Doesn't this description paint a vivid picture in your mind?

"We drove the Perfect Car around the block. It swayed and creaked. It had no license plates. (Shady had a great story for that one.) The upholstery looked like you kicked a lion in the balls and then threw him inside. The rear window was busted out, looked like you threw a horse inside after the lion. The backseat was portable, the radio had been ripped out, and there was a Cadillac hubcap in the trunk in case you felt like going to the club."
They decide that Academy Award nominee, Ed Harris should play the part of their father. They ambush him as he leaves a stage and, talking a mile a minute, win his trust and commitment. 

This is a funny and touching story about overcoming many obstacles and never giving up. I admire their determination to keep a promise to their father.  I can't wait to see the movie.