2 Zine or not 2 Zine

To zine or not to zine? That is the question. I first wrote for a zine in high school back in the 80s about a band called Squad 51. After college I made chap books or zines with my poetry in them. In grad school I started a zine with three other grad students.

And last year when I thought long and hard about making holiday presents for my family I asked myself what can I make? The answer was a zine. I made a family cooking zine as a surprise. It documents our family’s favorite recipes. This year the family is helping me make a second issue.

When I need supplies or images for a zine I turn to clip art - royalty free images. The library has a great collection of clip art books. But let me share a secret: the motherlode, the most outstanding supply of clip art is from the zine called Craphound: A Picture Book for Discussion & Activity by Sean Tejaratchi.

The first Craphound came out in October 1994. My husband collected every single one. We realized how important they were to us as when we decided we couldn't part with them when we were downsizing. Luckily, older issues of Craphound are being reprinted by Chloe Eudaly of Reading Frenzy, one of Portland's first zine stores.

And here's another secret: join us for "Historic Zinesters Talking" Featuring Sean Tejaratchi and Chloe Eudaly, this Saturday, October 24, 2 - 3:30 p.m. at the Central Library in the U.S. Bank room. I wouldn’t miss this event for the world! Hope to see you there.