PDX sounds good - Loch Lomond

The first time I heard Loch Lomond it was amazing I could hear them at all. The local band was playing the Pickathon festival when the sound system died. The audience responded by getting as close as possible to the stage. From there it was possible to hear all the nuances of the music and admire the range of instruments - including melodica, clarinet and vibraphone. It was fun to watch the looks passing between the band members as they did their best to give a good show under the circumstances. The sight-seeing planes circling overhead didn't help with the acoustics and yet the audience was charmed anyway.

Loch Lomond's music has been described as "mesmerizing" and "lush". Lead singer Ritchie Young has an ethereal voice that seems to float above the music. The songs move from sweet and dreamy to sinister - what does he mean "the sounds of children laughing makes my eyes bleed"? For a visual representation of the music's sense of mystery and foreboding, go to their MySpace page and take a look at the video for "Blue Lead Fences" from their soon to be released album.

It's hard to pin down exactly what genre Loch Lomond falls into. Though I love all those descriptions that music critics come up with (otherworldy folk? circus pop? chamber folk?), maybe you should just have a listen for yourself.