Those Sexy Highlanders and Time Travelers

Mrs. Claire Randall is on her second honeymoon in the Highlands of Scotland. It’s 1945 and she's a former combat nurse who has taken up the hobby of botany to fill her free time. She is gathering plants at the stone circle Craigh na Dun when she is catapulted through time to 1743 and finds herself in the midst of skirmishes prior to the Jacobite rising of 1745.

This first page-turner novel of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon is a spicy romance with depictions of violence, and explicit sex scenes. If you're squeamish about these things this isn't the novel for you. But these depictions are presented in the context of the times, giving the story historical resonance. I found comic relief in Claire’s swearing. She doesn’t swear like a sailor but she swears like a healthy woman dealing with brawny men, exciting, brutal times, and frustration. I don’t know about you, but if I was a fish out of water I might swear a lot too!

If you like the idea of romance, time travel and Highlanders you should also check out author Karen Marie Moning’s Beyond the Highland Mist.

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