Freddie and me

Freddie & Me: A Coming-of-Age (Bohemian) Rhapsody by Mike Dawson is one of my favorite books of the last year. Think back, possibly way back, to when you were a child or a teen and there was music.  And music was one of the most important elements in your life. First it was the Beatles for me. Then it was a New Zealand band called Split Enz. Thereafter I branched out to local bands I could see live.

Well, Mike Dawson may have branched out but as we find out in this terrific graphic memoir, Mike can place the memories of his life with the releases of rock band Queen’s albums. Besides using graphic art methods to tell his story there is also timeline at the beginning of the book outlining major events in his life with the releases of Queen’s record albums. Queen fans and readers who love a good memoir will like this book. At times this book is laugh out loud funny and other times touchingly philosophical. Don’t miss it.

And in case you love this book and want to talk about it with other fans, Hollywood Library's Graphic Novel Book Group is discussing Freddie & Me on March 10 at 6:30.