Bringin' domestic back

I am in love with The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket! I did not want to return it to the library. That being said, you need to know this is a beautiful and well-written book with color pictures on almost every page. Brocket loves color, quilts, fairy buns (cupcakes), embroidery, knitting, cooking, books, tea, and family among other things.

She brings her colorful style to all of these endeavours. And at the same time reminds the reader how worthy these endeavours are without being uptight. Her philosophy is the relaxed and fun approach to domesticity. 

Brocket at the same time answers the question of mass produced or homemade with the resounding answer of HOMEMADE! Why would we want homemade? Well, she sums it up concisely when she says:

“The answer lies in the not-so-revolutionary idea of seizing the means of production. It’s as simple and as complex as that. A modicum of practicality in the domestic space empowers us to make our own choices about what we make and eat, rather than handing over control of our homemaking to profit making companies. It may sound surprisingly radical, and it is.”

I agree. 

If you are hungry for more you can also check out her blog!