They have it wrong, I tell you!

She's One of Us; (Elle est des Notres); Director: Siegrid Alnoy; Starring: Sasha Andres, 2003, France

Most of the reviewers of this film have it wrong.

Siegrid Alnoy’s story of a small town Frenchwoman with serious social inadequacies has been sometimes characterized as slight, tedious, incomprehensible. Visually unwatchable. Makes me wonder if the reviewers sat through the entire thing.

She stares at you - eyes wide open and guileless - waiting for something - a cue, a connection. Hands trembling. Most comfortable at the Mall or in the woods. She's a highly competent temp worker, desperately trying to fit in with limited results. She's a child, forced to act as an adult having never really emotionally growing past about age 6. Pretending to be One of Us. Finally becoming Her version of One of Us through a messed up series of events.

Cinematically, it reminds me of Antonioni’s Red Desert - in primary colors. Each scene is exquisitely photographed, taking its time to tell the visual story.  Even the sterile office boxes where workers earn their keep are striking. The book jacket word, “riveting” comes to mind.

Recommended for those who like to go places they’re never likely to go.